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YKK to Open New Business Venture in Georgia

Wednesday, November 17, 2004  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774


ATLANTA, GA – Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that Marietta-based YKK Corporation of America (YCA) will start a new residential building materials venture in Macon, Georgia next year. In a meeting on Monday, Governor Perdue discussed with YKK’s worldwide president Tadahiro Yoshida and YCA president, Alex Gregory, the important news regarding YKK’s plans to produce and market vinyl windows and doors for residential homes.

“YKK’s new venture into residential building materials is another economic boost from one of our state’s corporate citizens,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “YKK and the people of Georgia have established a long-standing and productive relationship. We look forward to YKK’s expansion as they launch a new product line from their manufacturing facility in Macon.”

The new residential division will open, with sales/administrative offices in Austell, Georgia and manufacturing at YKK’s 300+ acre National Manufacturing Center in Macon, Georgia. YKK chose to place the new operation in Macon in order to utilize existing buildings and resources already in place.

“For residential applications, vinyl has many performance advantages over wood and aluminum windows,” said Pat Daniels, director of sales/marketing for the company’s new USA Residential Products Group. “Taking advantage of YKK AP’s technological assets, we have developed a vinyl residential window system with a more architecturally correct design than our competition. The overall feature and aesthetic package position it well to displace the more expensive wood products without any trade-off; the innovative design also allows us to compete effectively with current vinyl products.”

In 1974, YKK opened a small zipper factory in a new industrial park in Macon. Since then, YKK has grown to its current leadership position in the sewn products marketplace. In the early 1990’s, YKK located its commercial architectural products company, YKK AP America Inc. in Georgia. When apparel manufacturing began moving off-shore, YKK decided to continue manufacturing in the U.S., unlike many other apparel-related companies. Last fall, the company announced its ‘Competitive YKK Macon Initiative,’ and heavily involved its employees in a turn-around effort. The effort has been very successful to date and now YKK is bringing this new business venture to Macon.

YCA President Alex Gregory added, “We are so pleased to expand YKK AP America’s business into the residential market. We are confident our initial entry site – along with the Company’s considerable worldwide resources – will enable us to meet our growth objectives. By locating our newest manufacturing operation in Macon in the same industrial park as our zipper operation, our goal is to create jobs as well as an enhanced economic environment for the entire middle Georgia community.”

Known primarily for zippers and other sewn product fasteners under its YKK® brand, the global company also manufactures and markets architectural products under its YKK AP® brand. YKK AP represents some two-thirds of total YKK sales worldwide. To date, U.S. operations for YKK AP America Inc. (headquartered in Austell, Georgia) have targeted commercial applications.

For further information, contact Judith Crawford, Director of Corporate Communications, YKK Corporation of America, (770) 261-6138.