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G8 News Stories For the Week of May 17, 2004

Tuesday, May 18, 2004  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774



Security - G8 Security Web Site Launched
A new Web site designed to deliver G8 safety and security information from local, state and federal agencies has now been launched. The G8 Summit Security Public Information Center, now available at, will serve as a single access point for those who are interested in the latest G8 safety and security activities.

Besides including the latest G8 security-related news releases and reports, the G8 Summit Public Information Center includes links to key agencies involved in G8 security support, as well as a component for key audiences to submit security related questions and comments.  The Web site, provided through the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), will be maintained and monitored by public information officers from federal, state and local agencies that are providing G8 safety and security support.

Contact:  Lisa Ray, Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)

Environment - Coastal Waterways Off Limits to Recreational Boaters During G8 Summit

In preparation for the upcoming G8 Summit, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued a Marine Event Permit to the G8 Host Committee and the U. S. Coast Guard that designates temporary security zones in Savannah and Brunswick area waterways effective from 8 a.m. on June 4 through 12 a.m. on June 11.  All recreational vessels and persons are prohibited from entering designated security zones during this time frame.  The U.S. Coast Guard and DNR Law Enforcement Officers will inspect and escort all commercial vessels entering the designated security zone.

Contact: Beth Brown , Department of Natural Resources
(770) 918-6400,

Education - G8 Education Project A Success

The G8 Education Project, made possible by the G8 Host Committee, was designed to educate Georgia students about the Summit, the G8 member countries, and how these international partnerships are relevant to their lives.  Teacher kits with the G8 curriculum were sent to schools across Georgia.  The Host Committee has received an extremely positive response from both students and teachers.  As part of the curriculum, the schools were given the opportunity to send notes and pictures to the leaders.  Over 2,000 cards have been received so far.  Some of the schools that participated are Tiger Elementary in Ringgold, The Lovett School in Atlanta, Rising Star Middle School in Fayetteville, Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, Vanderlyn Elementary School in Dunwoody, and Mt. Yonah Elementary in Sautee, Weaver Middle School in Macon, Oglethorpe Point Elementary and Glyndale Elementary School in Brunswick.  The cards will be on display during the G8 Summit at the International Media Center and then permanently displayed at the Legacy Museum on St Simons, GA.

Contact:  Loretta Lepore, Governor's Office of Communications, 404-651-7774


Transportation - GDOT to send HEROs for G8 traffic

Atlanta commuters have gotten used to seeing Highway Emergency Response Operators, commonly referred to HEROs, assisting stranded motorists and responding to other traffic incidents in an effort to clear them quickly. Other Georgia cities have gotten a taste of HERO services during special events, such as Masters week in Augusta.

Coastal residents will get their first look at the popular Georgia DOT employees and their familiar bright yellow trucks during the upcoming G8 Summit. The Department will send one supervisor, four operators and one dispatcher to the coastal region to help ensure traffic flows smoothly during the Summit. The HERO units will focus on Interstate 95 and other major state routes during their stay along the coast. A press conference is scheduled for May 19 in Savannah to introduce coastal residents to the HERO program and explain the services they provide.

Contact: Bert Brantley, Georgia Department of Transportation
Work 404-463-6462, Pager 404-655-8249,


Public Health - Preparing for the G8 Summit

The Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health preparedness efforts for the G8 Summit will focus on good public health practice for prevention of illnesses and injuries, while pre-positioning resources and training for response to a public health emergency. 

The greatest risks that most visitors to a large event like G8 face are exposure to easily spread, often food-borne, infectious diseases or heat-related injuries. Prevention is two-fold - what can health officials do to prevent disease and what can the individual do to prevent disease. First, environmental health staff across the state-- from state and local public health agencies, Georgia Department or Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration-- will be conducting inspections of temporary food service establishments during the event. In addition local health department staff will be distributing information on how to "Stay Safe in the South" by using mosquito repellent, washing hands and staying cool and hydrated.

Contact:  Richard Quartarone, Division of Public Health