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Governor Perdue Announces 378 New Jobs for Brunswick

Friday, January 16, 2004  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774


Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America, Inc. to Consolidate Auto Processing Centers at the Port of Brunswick

Atlanta - Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that GLOVIS America, Inc., the third party logistics management company for Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America, Inc., will consolidate their Southeastern auto processing centers at the Port of Brunswick. The consolidation will create an additional 378 port-related jobs for South Georgia.

"I want to thank GLOVIS America, Inc. for investing in the future of Coastal Georgia. This new partnership between the State of Georgia and GLOVIS will create a large number of jobs throughout our transportation sector and will help boost the area's continuing economic development efforts." said Governor Perdue. "I had the opportunity to meet with Hyundai-Kia during my trade trip to South Korea last fall. I am pleased that our discussions have helped to produce new jobs for the people of Georgia."

The company cited Georgia's leadership, the Port of Brunswick's superior facilities, the excellent labor force and the work of International Auto Processing (IAP) as key factors in its decision to locate in Glynn County. Hyundai Motor America has shipped vehicles through the Port of Brunswick's Colonel's Island facility for sixteen consecutive years.

Marvin Baisden, Vice President and COO of GLOVIS America, Inc., said the company was impressed with the state's past track record as well as its commitment to future growth in Brunswick. "Doing business with Georgia, the Georgia Ports Authority and IAP has and continues to be a great partnership," Baisden said. "Our decision to double our business in Brunswick is a direct result of our excellent working relationship with our partners in Georgia."

GLOVIS America Inc. will utilize IAP, a full service, independently owned company, specializing in automobile processing, to provide a wide range of vehicle preparation services at the Port of Brunswick. "We are excited about this new consolidation and want to thank our numerous partners who have helped to make this opportunity possible," said Jim Showalter, President and CEO of IAP.

In 2004, GLOVIS projects it will import 70,000 Hyundai vehicles. Within the next month, GLOVIS will also begin importing Kia vehicles and plans to process an additional 60,000. A total of 130,000 Hyundai and Kia autos will be shipped through the Port of Brunswick's Colonel's Island facility in 2004 and is expected to increase annually.

"I want to personally thank Governor Sonny Perdue, Brunswick's committed elected officials, our newest Board Member from Glynn County, Senator Mack Mattingly, and our partners at GLOVIS and International Auto Processing," said Doug J. Marchand, Executive Director of the Georgia Ports Authority. "It took a team effort to make this announcement possible today and I look forward to more such efforts in the future."

2004 Impact

Additional Impact

Total State Impact





Annual Income**

$11.7 million

$10.05 million

$21.75 million

State and Local Taxes***

$1.07 million


$1.99 million

Auto Units




*Total jobs include direct, indirect and induced. The direct jobs on site at the Kia/Hyundai consolidated processing center will be 130.

**Wages, salaries and proprietors' incomes only.

***Revenue collected from state taxes are revenues collected by state governments through personal and corporate income, state property, excise, sales, and other state taxes generated by changes in output or wages or by purchases by visitors to the region. Local taxes are revenues collected by substate governments, occurring mainly through property taxes on new worker households and businesses, but including income, sales, and other major local taxes in selected areas, where applicable.

**The above table is based on the U.S. Maritime Administration Port Economic Impact Model