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Governor Perdue Proclaims State Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Monday, September 12, 2005  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774


ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue today proclaimed Friday, September 16, 2005, as a state day of prayer and remembrance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Text of the proclamation is provided below:

Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

WHEREAS:  Hurricane Katrina brought devastation and heartbreak to hundreds of thousands of Americans along the Gulf Coast . Those in the path of the storm lost their homes and were separated from friends and family. Many lives were lost and many more were violently torn apart. One of the most destructive natural disasters our nation has experienced, Hurricane Katrina left many of our fellow Americans with nothing; and

WHEREAS:  To honor the memory of those lost, to offer comfort and strength to the families of the victims and to support the rebuilding efforts of the communities that are suffering, I encourage all Georgians to continue with the great acts of service and benevolence and to pray for the victims and their families.  Citizens of our state and nation are united in our compassion and determination to overcome these devastating losses; and

WHEREAS:  At this time when many are suffering great hardship, Georgians across the state are embracing our neighbors in need from Mississippi , Alabama and Louisiana .  These individuals are volunteering countless hours; donating blood, clothing, toys and money, offering up their homes and exhibiting remarkable compassion; and

WHEREAS:  Throughout this day of prayer and remembrance, we ask for blessings for the victims of this disaster, and for comfort for the grieving families.  We ask for fortitude and generosity of spirit, for guidance through these difficult times and for patience as we rebuild the lives and homes and families that have been broken.  We will see our Gulf Coast reborn, and we will achieve this rebirth through prayer, perseverance, hard work and heart; now

THEREFORE:  I, SONNY PERDUE, Governor of the State of Georgia , do hereby proclaim September 16, 2005, as a DAY OF PRAYER AND REMEMBRANCE FOR VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA in Georgia and encourage our citizens to pray for God's blessings on our nation and her people.

In witness thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Executive Department to be affixed this 12th day of September in the year of our Lord two thousand five.