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Georgia-Grown Turf to Play Host to Super Bowl Again

Thursday, January 4, 2007  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774

RIDDLEVILLE, Ga. – Governor Sonny Perdue today returned to the Washington County town of Riddleville to assist in the harvesting of turf that will be used in Super Bowl XLI in Miami, Fla. on Sunday, February 4, 2007. For the second consecutive outdoor Super Bowl, the Riddleville-grown grass of Jennings Turf Farms will be the scene of the world’s most-watched football game. For Madison-based Pennington Seed, this year is the fourth consecutive outdoor Super Bowl with a field featuring Pennington turf products.

"Just one month from today, this very grass that we see today will be seen by millions upon millions of people across the world," said Governor Sonny Perdue. "When the NFL looks for the best of the best in the world of turf grass, they keep returning to Georgia and this incredible partnership between Jennings Turf Farms and Pennington Seed."

Last year’s Super Bowl was held at Ford Field in Detroit, a domed stadium that did not need grass turf installed.

Jennings Turf Farm’s Riddleville field was also tapped to grow the turf for the 2005 Super Bowl, held in Jacksonville, Fla. The 2005 game was the third consecutive year that a Pennington Seed designed turf was selected.

It will take three days to harvest the 100,000 square feet (two and a half acres) of Pennington Princess 77 Bermuda grass, which was over-seeded this fall with a special mix of Pennington’s perennial ryes and blue grasses for added durability, responsiveness and rich green color. Governor Perdue today cut the first strip of sod, which will be rolled and transported along with the rest of the field to Miami on 40 tractor trailers. The turf will then be installed and prepared for the Super Bowl.

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