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Governor Delivers Functionally Balanced Budgets That Invest in Georgia's Future

Friday, January 15, 2010  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774

ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue today released his Amended Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2011 budgets today, delivering functionally balanced budgets that also continue to invest in Georgia’s future.

“We have actively managed the budget in a step-down approach as revenues have continued to slide,” said Governor Perdue. “Just as Georgians are balancing their checkbooks and making tough decisions in difficult times, the state must and will do the same.”

Governor Perdue’s recommended Amended 2010 budget totals $17.4 billion, a $1.2 billion reduction from the original FY 2010 budget, and the 2011 budget stands at $18.2 billion.

While there are spending cuts throughout both budgets, the Governor is recommending additional funding into the state’s mental health system to stabilize staffing levels in state hospitals and improve care for patients. $20 million is called for in the AFY 2010 budget and an additional $50 million in FY 2011.

“We cannot retreat from our duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves,” Governor Perdue said during his State of the State address on Wednesday. “I am convinced that Georgia can, Georgia must, and Georgia will adequately care for citizens in our state’s mental health program, even though this has been a daunting challenge that precedes my time as Governor.”

The Amended FY 2010 budget also includes $27 million to provide disaster assistance funding for storm damage and floods in south Georgia this spring and for September flooding in the Metro Atlanta area.

The FY 2011 budget includes just over $900 million in bond projects, including $168 million in construction, equipment and school buses for Georgia’s K-12 schools. There is also $121 million in projects at our state’s universities and another $44 million at technical schools, for a total of $333 million in education that signals a clear and continuing investment in Georgia’s future.

As he announced yesterday, the Governor also is recommending $300 million in transportation projects in the bond package as well. In addition to the $300 million, the Governor also recommended $68 million for the deepening of the Savannah River harbor. As the environmental studies near completion, the joint federal-state project will deepen the shipping channel from 42 feet to 48 feet allowing the world’s biggest ships to call on the Savannah Port.

To download a copy of both the Amended FY 2010 budget and the FY 2011 visit the Office of Planning and Budget’s home page -- -- and look on the top right for the link.