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Executive Appointments

To apply for a position on a state board or commission, send a letter to the Office of the Governor expressing your desire to serve, along with a brief resume. Many boards have similar names, so be sure to state the full and correct name of your board preference, or give us a call at 404-656-1776. Please send information to:

Office of the Governor
Executive Appointments
Room 111
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Phone: 404-656-1776
Fax: 404-651-5110

Your letter should include your name, address, and telephone number(s). You should specify the board or commission in which you are interested and explain why you are qualified or experienced in the area of the board's activity.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. To what boards and/or commissions can the Governor appoint members and what are their functions?
    See a complete list of available boards and commissions.

  2. Do I need to have other people recommend me?  
    It is not necessary. Although, if there are people who would like to express their confidence in you, ask them to send letters of endorsement to the Office of the Governor.

  3. What happens after I submit my name to the Governor's Office?
    Your letter will be acknowledged, letting you know that it has been received.

    The staff reads your letter and places it in a folder with other candidates for the same board. Any additional correspondence we receive from you or on your behalf is also kept in the folder. If we need more information we will call you. Please note that resumes and letters of endorsement/recommendation are public record.

    When it is time for the Governor to make an appointment to that board, the staff provides geographic and statutory restrictions of the current board. We also provide information on professional or personal experience either necessary or preferable to the board's function.

    The Governor reviews this information as well as a summary of the correspondence received on each applicant, and makes his selections. All candidates and endorsers are notified by phone or mail of the Governor's decision.

  4. How do I know if I am eligible to be appointed?
    Most of the seats on boards and commissions are restricted by law. Reading the fact sheet on a specific board will give you an idea if you are eligible for a particular position.

    In addition to specific seat restrictions, you must be a registered Georgia voter.

    Fact sheets and member rosters are linked at the bottom of this page and can be obtained by clicking on any of the boards listed below. In addition, these pages are linked to websites for the individual boards and commissions. Information on current or upcoming vacancies can also be obtained by contacting Frances Gatewood or Emily Campbell in the Office of Executive Appointments at 404-656-1776.

  5. Do I have to disclose my personal finances if I am appointed to a state board or commission?
    All formal candidates will be asked to complete a GBI background check. In this background check, candidates are asked if they object to filing an annual financial disclosure in accordance with the Georgia Ethics in Government Act.

  6. What is "legislative confirmation?"
    The Constitution and the state code identify certain boards and commissions that require the Senate approval of the Governor's appointments. In this case, the Governor makes an appointment to be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate. Confirmation is generally an easy process and is accomplished during the legislative session of the General Assembly.

    On May 29, 2003 the Attorney General of Georgia issued an opinion regarding Senate approval of Gubernatorial appointments. This opinion lists those boards, authorities and commissions that are, or are not, subject to Senate confirmation. A PDF version of this opinion is available on this site.

  7. Do I need to be a registered voter?
    All board members must be registered Georgia voters.

  8. Does a member of a board or commission receive any compensation?
    Board service is voluntary. However, most boards will cover appropriate expenses that board members incur to attend official meetings of the board.

  9. Can I apply for more than one board?
    Yes. It is suggested, however, that you prioritize your choices. Additionally, in most cases an individual may only serve on one board at a time.

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