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Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

On the Issues


Governor Perdue has an aggressive plan for moving Georgia's transportation program forward. The plan calls for the largest overall investment the state will make in improving the quality of life for Georgians and spurring the economic vitality of our state.

Becoming the Best-Managed State

Governor Perdue’s goal is to put Georgia at the top of national rankings for the “Best-Managed States in America.” The high standards for best-managed states parallel the Perdue principles for governing a New Georgia: effectiveness, efficiency, accountability for results, and a customer-focused culture of public service. The Governor firmly believes that effective management is fundamental to good government and essential to achieving his greater goals for a healthier, safer, growing and more educated state.

A Safer Georgia

Providing a safer Georgia for every Georgia family to enjoy is a priority for Governor Perdue.  From the Georgia SecureID initiative to the Criminal Justice Act, Governor Perdue is taking action to prevent crimes, punish offenders and protect victims. 

Educating Georgia's Children

Governor Perdue is raising the bar for education in Georgia. He seeks greater student achievement, improved SAT scores, lower dropout rates, and consistent improvement in the basic skills of reading, writing, and math. The Governor believes the best way to achieve these goals is to promote local decision-making, accountability, discipline in the classroom, and respect for educators.

Growing Georgia's Economy

Governor Perdue has focused on growing Georgia's economy and has created over 320,000 new jobs since being sworn-in as Georgia's Governor.  He continually works to ensure that Georgia's economy and its businesses are the envy of global competitors.   

Preserving Georgia Natural Resources

Governor Perdue introduced a landmark initiative to encourage the long-term conservation and protection of the state's natural, cultural and historic resources in the 2004 session of the General Assembly.  The Georgia Land Conservation Act passed with broad bipartisan support and the Governor signed it into law on April 14, 2005.

Caring for Georgia's Children

Caring for and meeting the needs of Georgia 's children is an issue which lies close to the Governor and First Lady. They believe that providing a safe and nurturing environment for children is a moral obligation shared by all. Regardless of their age and station in life, children living in the foster care system are entitled to love and compassion.

Faith and Family Services

Governor Perdue believes the State of Georgia should allow faith and family social service providers to compete for government funding in order to maintain and improve services for all at-risk Georgians, especially children. Under current law, funding for many of these programs is in jeopardy.

Ethics in Government

One of Governor Perdue's first actions as Governor was issuing an Executive Order that set forth stringent ethical guidelines for the Governor's staff and the entire executive branch. A few days later, the Governor signed another Executive Order creating the Office of Inspector General to investigate fraud, corruption and waste in government. Most recently, he signed an Executive Order placing registration and disclosure requirements on vendor lobbyists.

Priority Based Budgeting

Governor Perdue directed a culture change in the state budgeting process so that it's more effective and efficient, results-oriented, and customer-focused. All future budgets will be predicated on programs that support departmental business plans. This is a fundamental change in the way state government does business.