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Foster/Adoptive Parents

What can an individual do?

Become a foster parent by calling the DHR toll free number 1877-210-KIDS, the Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of GA, or an agency such as Families First.

Become a Respite Foster Parent. Respite care is short term care and supervision of children in the absence of their foster or adoptive parents. To become a respite foster parent call the DHR toll free number, 1877-210-KIDS, or contact associations such as Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of GA or Families First.

Support organizations such as the Foster Care Support Distribution Center through sponsorship or donation of supplies and toys for children.

Contribute time and/or money to organizations such as the Giving Tree.

Contact your elected officials to let them know that you want abused and neglected children to be a priority and send them information about the foster care system in your community.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about a local foster care story.

Meet with the editorial board of your local newspaper and urge them to write positive stories about foster parents and to recognize the need for more foster parents. Educate them about the challenges facing foster youth aging out of care.

Become an adoptive parent by calling 1-888-460-2467 or by visiting the Office of Adoptions web site.

What can a corporation and/or an organization do?

Create a company policy to assist in legal fees associated with adoptions (e.g., Pfizer and IBM).

Allow new adoptive parents to take “maternity leave†to allow parents time to bond with their new children.

Include articles in the company newsletter encouraging employees to find out how they can become involved in the lives of children in foster care.

Post information on your web site. Include at least one young foster youth in an intern program to help them get job skills.

Provide Foster Youth with job skills training by implementing a “Shadow-for-a-Day†program, or by sponsoring an event that would teach job skills—including interview and interpersonal skills.

Sponsor an event like the Celebration of Excellence or sponsor scholarships for foster youth who are continuing their education.

Provide in-kind donations to programs such as the Foster Care Support Distribution Center or to Celebration of Excellence Gift Bags for Graduate.

Support organizations providing services for abused and neglected children, such as the Foster Care Support Distribution Center.

What can a foundation do?

Sponsor a Celebration of Excellence scholarship for a young person in Georgia 's foster care system who is trying to go to college.

Sponsor a sibling group for a week at Camp to Belong, a national non-profit that provides reuniting events for brothers and sisters placed in different foster homes.

Support organizations providing services for abused and neglected children.

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