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Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

Growing Georgia's Economy

Governor Perdue has focused on growing Georgia's economy and has created over 320,000 new jobs since being sworn-in as Georgia's Governor.  He continually works to ensure that Georgia's economy and its businesses are the envy of global competitors.   


Tourism and hospitality is one of Georgia's largest industries.  There is vast potential for growth in this sector as the leisure travel market expands.  Georgia needs to develop new leisure destinations in every part of the state.  Governor Perdue's Georgia Tourism Council is working to unify Georgia’s overall tourism strategy by ensuring coordination, cooperation and communication among all state agencies, their tourism-related programs, and private-sector stakeholders.  Governor Perdue is also launching a heritage tourism initiative as chairman of the Southern Governor's Association.

As part of the Governor's 2005 legislative agenda, Georgia 's state tourism agencies and local communities have a new tool to promote the state's outstanding array of tourist attractions.  The Georgia Tourism Foundation, a public-private foundation, will maximize and consolidate Georgia's tourism marketing efforts, attract more visitors and increase the industry's economic impact throughout the state.  The non-profit organization is charged with developing public-private advertising campaigns; soliciting private donations for tourism; offering strategic planning and support for Georgia's state facilities through tourism product development; aligning the state's five halls of fame for promotion and better coordination of marketing, advertising, customer service and telling the story of Georgia's tourism heritage. 

In 2007, Governor Perdue invested $19 million in the Go Fish Georgia program which will turn Georgia into a world class fishing destination. Go Fish Georgia will promote and enhance boating and fishing tourism as a way to boost economic development across the state. The Governor has outlined 3 goals in developing interest in Georgia’s fisheries including: improve access to Georgia’s fisheries, improve the quality of fishing in Georgia and promote fishing to anglers from around the world. Georgia will soon have a 15 lakes and rivers that will be equipped to host professional fishing tournaments and a Go Fish Georgia Center which will educate its visitors on Georgia’s natural resources.

Film and Entertainment Industry

Georgia has a long-established relationship with the film and entertainment industry.  The state's tradition of filmmaking and television includes Driving Miss Daisy, Sweet Home Alabama, Forrest Gump, Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius, the recent HBO film Warm Springs, In the Heat of the Night, We are Marshall and The Dukes of Hazzard.  To encourage more film and television projects in Georgia, Governor Perdue signed into law the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act.  This legislation increases Georgia's competitiveness in the entertainment industry and positions the state as a premiere location for film, music and entertainment technology.  It also will help attract and grow traditional film and video companies and projects, as well as lay the foundation to grow the next generation of entertainment companies in our state.

Global Commerce

Georgia is blessed with two deepwater ports along our coast for shipping and trade – the Port of Savannah and the Port of BrunswickGeorgia’s deepwater ports and inland barge terminals support more than 286,476 jobs throughout the state annually and contribute $14.9 billion in income, $55.8 billion in revenue and $2.8 billion in state and local taxes to Georgia’s thriving economy.

The Port of Savannah is now the fourth busiest and fastest growing container terminal in the United States. In just the past five years, the number of TEU containers handled has increased by 55 percent. 

The Port of Brunswick continues to grow and expand its operations and was recently deepened to allow more commerce to pass through its gates. 

Governor Perdue and South Carolina Governor Sanford recently announced their proposal for a port in Jasper County, South Carolina that would be owned, developed and operated jointly by the two states.  Their proposal creates the Bi-State Port Authority that will help to develop plans for the first phase of the Jasper Terminal Site

Georgia 's ports will be catalysts for future economic growth as shipping lines, carriers, importers, and exporters continue to choose to do business in Georgia

Public/Private Cooperation

Georgia has a rich tradition of public/private partnerships between business, research universities, and state government.  University research is not only producing new industries, but helping existing ones.  Research will enable Georgia companies to take advantage of emerging information technologies and encourage IT companies to explore new markets.

Georgia is building upon state and local partnerships to create more jobs in every corner of the state.  For instance, “Centers of Innovation” will marry applied research with key assets in mid-sized Georgia cities that will act as lightning rods for company interest.