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Governor Sonny Perdue Provides Details Regarding FY 2004 Budget Deferrals

Wednesday, June 11, 2003  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774



Atlanta - Governor Sonny Perdue today provided details regarding deferrals approved in Georgia's Fiscal Year 2004 Budget.

Last week, Governor Perdue signed into law House Bill 122 which authorized the state's FY 2004 Budget. The FY 2004 Budget Totaled approximately $16.1 billion and included vetoed and restricted projects of $10 million and expenditure controls valued at $6 million.

Deferrals from the FY 2004 Budget Totaled approximately $21.3 million. Details are provided below.

    Department of Community Affairs
  • Pass through contract to the Georgia Rural Water Association
  • Funds for Public Information, Education and Community Assistance
  • Funds for the Civil War Naval Museum in the City of Columbus
      Total $457,000
    Department of Corrections
  • Nine-months funding for the operation of the Putnam State Prison
      Total $1,400,000

Department of Education

  • Funding for specific contracts
  • Communities In Schools Program
      Total $3,769,360
    Department of Human Resources
  • Funds for the Metro YWCA Child Care Program
  • Funds for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Powerline
  • Funds for Suicide Prevention Program
  • Funds for an Organ Donor Education Program
  • Funds for the Union County Human Services Facility
      Total $671,000
    Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
  • Funds for miscellaneous marketing agreements
      Total $150,000
    Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Additional funds for McIntosh Regional Youth Detention Center
      Total $1,000,000
    Department of Labor - A
  • Funds for job training and education
      Total $190,000
    Department of Labor - B
  • Exempt specific contracts from an austerity adjustment
  • Funds for Project SHARE

      Total $344,808
    Department of Natural Resources
  • Contract funds for Georgia Historical Society for Historical Marker Program
  • Funds for the Northwest Georgia Water Planning District
  • Funds for a new Greenspace Grant Program
  • Funds for 2 positions and operating expenses for the opening of a new facility at the Georgia Agrirama
  • Funds for the desalination project
  • Funds for the Lake Allatoona Preservation Authority
      Total $10,542,500
    Board of Regents - A
  • Funds for the Institute for Community Business Development
  • Funds for the Center for Civic Renewal and Engagement at Georgia State University
      Total $480,332
    Department of Technical and Adult Education
  • $10,000,000 in 5-Year Bonds for equipment replacement at DTAE facilities
      Total $2,290,000