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Statement from Governor Sonny Perdue Regarding the Discussion of the Georgia Flag

Thursday, March 20, 2003  Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774


Atlanta - The following is a statement from Governor Sonny Perdue regarding the discussion of the Georgia flag

"In a democracy I believe that you resolve disagreements by creating the opportunity for dialogue, not by ignoring the difficult challenges and putting your head in the sand. True leadership comes from facilitating the discussion of beliefs other than your own and finding a compromise which is agreeable to all interested parties. I regret that the Metro Atlanta Chamber is unwilling to have that discussion. Their statement advocating tolerance and diversity flies in the face of their position. Tolerance and diversity by their very definition demand that each individual's opinion be considered even if it is not the majorities.

While I respect the position that the Metro Atlanta Chamber feels it must take on behalf of its members, on January 13th I took an oath of office where I swore to represent all 8.5 million Georgians. Georgia is one family and having difficult family discussions, while uncomfortable at times, is the best route to resolve problems. I have confidence in the people of Georgia to make the best decision for this state even if the Metro Atlanta Chamber does not. I will continue my mission to bring and an open and honest dialogue to the difficult issues this state must face."